■ Skip's Berner Links : Bernese Mountain Dog related WEB sites

■ BMD Health Info Links : Bernese Mountain Dog Health information links

■ : Bernese Mountain Dog various information

■ Berner-Garde Foundation : Stewards of the Open BerneseMountainDog Database
                                                                   We are registering with this.

■ GTG : Genetic Technologies is Australia's largest DNA paternity testing laboratory. 
 GTG Japanese site : 日本語サイト。バーニーズのvWDがDNAレベルで簡単に検査できます。

■ VetGen :  Veterinary Genetic Services (vWD test)

■ KoiraNet : The Finnish Kennel Club Pedigree system

■ Aged Dog's Directory : Aged dogs open a mini data-base for all breeds and mix dogs.

● PHD Products : Vitamins & Supplument, Natural Remedies


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